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Courier Service

Paila Logistics has been delivering all packages and products to places around the Nepal with speed, specialization, and security.
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Shopping Shipping

Paila Logistics provides Shopping Shipping Feature to it’s customer where customer can directly place an order to Paila Logistics then our representative will get the ordered goods from the store and deliver directly from the store to the customers’ doorstep.
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Paila Logistics Provides a variety of warehousing services. Warehouses are the most common service providers for manufacturers, importers, exporters, and transport businesses due to their ability to store goods before they can be sold or shipped out.
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eCommerce delivery & COD

Experience the convenience of ordering online and getting your products picked up from your office or home, then delivered to your customer's door step anywhere in Nepal. We also provide Cash On Delivery (COD) services for those who want it.
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Express Mail and Parcels

We provide company mail & parcel services, which has Prepaid satchels, boxes that area unit totally traceable and delivered with proof of delivery.
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Air Cargo

At Paila Logistics, we are pleased to offer you safe, timely, and seamless shipping of your goods. With us, you will be able to send your shipments all over the Nepal at a reasonable price!
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Project Services

We provide service delivery and project management services to governments and NGOs, NGOs, throughout Nepal. We need your project requirements.

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