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Paila Logistics – Top Fast and Reliable Courier Service in Nepal

The courier service makes us anywhere at any time connected worldwide despite being geographically dispersed. Consumers have an impact on how retailers and manufacturers should manage their supply chain. With a strong focus on key activities, companies are increasingly turning to professional partners to help bring their products to market that allow for rapid transition time and greater flexibility to control inflation, as well as reduce financial risk. Paila Logistics is working hard to overcome these challenges. We have been providing courier services to our customers worldwide and we actively provide online support to connect with overseas customers for the best customer care.

With regard to global transport problems and the increase in commercial traffic in the markets, sustainability is a major problem. Sustainability in transportation, global dependence, and online shopping are some of the problems we face. But using the courier service to find your packages at your doorstep makes for a smooth transaction. We can find ways to consolidate your orders and deal with them in a sustainable way.

We are flexible, honest, and most importantly fast. Just choose when, where, and what your talk will be. We offer a variety of dedicated delivery services including international delivery and much more.

Pallet Courier Service

We provide this service to ensure the safe delivery of goods to pallets. Refrigerated boxes or ice cubes are used to hold decaying material. This service is very useful for customers who need to meet strict delivery dates.

Why should you choose to receive courier services than postal services?

We are a freight forwarding company unlike post offices, we operate independently of any courier services within Nepal which means fast delivery and a wide range of services.

Mail delivery services these days can be frustrating as they take longer to deliver without having the latest tracking system. Even the delivery of packages is unsafe and not guaranteed. You have to wait forever or pay crazy amounts to get it fast. Courier services are fast and provide door-to-door services so that customers can move goods from their homes to any desired location safely.

That’s why you choose Paila Logistics to get courier services.

Paila Logistics Attractive Features

Delivery Speed

Delivery speed by courier service is unmatched. Your package does not need to go through many hands and be tested many times in custom, checkpoints when using our courier service to ship your packages. This makes it much easier and faster to find products to reach their end.

It helps to reduce the cost of leave and improve the transition time. Our global storage and distribution network ensures that your package and products stay in the right place at the right time.


As a global business, we can bring a level economy that helps lower your costs and improve markets. Paila Logistics is a fast forwarding company in one place that enables you to deliver your packages at low cost.

Using courier service gives small businesses the cheapest option when it comes to delivering goods or documents overnight.


Great care in handling and packaging is given to your packages while they are being prepared for shipment. Packages and documents are packaged and delivered without any damage or missing opportunities.

Perfect for Businesses

The courier service allows you to move goods or documents reliably. Using our courier service shows that your business is professional and reliable among your targeted customers. Our courier service means less waiting, less difficulty and that means you can save a lot of time by allowing our specialists to handle your packages.

Time Service

We want to make every delivery of our clients personal. That means you can call us, text us, or email us directly and you will be visited by our staff right away. Now, you may find that all your belongings are clear and book your courier to relax and wait for it to be delivered safely on time.

As an experienced postal service provider from Nepal, we perform our tasks on a solid basis and plan ahead. Our dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction has led us to what we are today. We partner with leading transportation companies and partners with excellent experience in management, transportation, finance, and market analysis. We never fail to reach our intended goal.

Our active and enthusiastic staff is currently reaching customers and we are very happy to assist many Nepali business owners. Our experiences of new opportunities and challenging assignments made us grow stronger and bigger. Just by having one contact with us you can get access to a large number of worldwide deliveries. We are ideal for businesses and serve as the best extension for our customers to make transactions faster and easier with the comfort of their home or office. We will also help you choose

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